All digital projects have a lifecycle. Some maybe a quick, one-off campaign, whilst others may well be significantly more complex and long term.

They may need to be intricately planned before a single line of code is created, or perhaps they simply need ongoing maintenance, support and optimisation. Whichever the scenario, our services have been specifically tailored around the digital project’s lifecycle.

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Strategy & planning

All our projects, large or small, begin here. We can only really help a client when we truly understand not just the brief but also – who our clients are and what makes them tick.

Investing time in this deeper level of understanding from the outset is what provides us with the insight and ability to make recommendations that will deliver measurable and meaningful results for our clients whilst also providing great experiences for their audiences.


We all know that well written content is the lifeblood of any digital project – if done correctly, it can engage, instruct, educate and motivate, but you’d be surprised how often we see clients underestimate how much time and effort is required to write useful, succinct and search optimised content. Without doubt, it’s the most common risk factor to any project deadline – especially if it needs to be written in several languages.

Avoid relying on existing content that’s already been written for brochures or older websites; most projects will need this content to be (in most cases) rewritten to such a point it might as well be written from scratch.


It’s got to look good. That’s a given. And yet, we all know looking good is only skin deep. If it looks good but somehow, still feels ‘wrong’ then it won’t engage your users or encourage them to come back.  

The steps below are methods that we’ve honed over many years to help us explore, discover and collaborate with our clients throughout the process – effectively crafting each project into a unique and engaging digital experience. 


Launching your site will be just the first step in what should ideally be an ongoing process of improvements and development to your key, public facing communication platform.

Whilst you may have resources in house who can support you in some parts of the process, its rare that you’ll have the full gamut of technical, creative, strategic, production and writing skills required to keep your project running at an optimum capacity.

Responding to your competitive landscape, keeping your site secure with the latest software patches and upgrades, adapting to new and best practices on the web, maintaining engagement and launching new marketing campaigns or programmes requires many of these skills and that’s where we’ve built a dedicated team to help.


Once a site is launched, attention needs to turn to its ongoing performance and ability to compete both in terms of visibility as well as functionality and relevance.

Its rare that a single tweak here and there will make much of a difference when some spare time or budget becomes available. We’ve found that websites need to be optimised over a sustained period of time, measuring results, activity and engagement with the site.

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